Respite Care

happy family on a vacation

Caring for your loved ones is a fulfilling task, however, it can bring negative effects for a family caregiver as well. Family caregivers can sometimes end up so focused on their loved one’s care that they start to eventually neglect their own health and well-being. When this happens, a family caregiver may experience “burnout” – a state of physical and emotional exhaustion.

At Holy Mother Total Care LLC, we don’t want family caregivers to experience burnout, which is why we highly suggest our Respite Care services. When you acquire our Respite Care service, you can rely on our competent caregivers to take care of your loved one providing you with the opportunity to:

  • Get some rest and sleep
  • Take care of your other responsibilities outside caregiving
  • Go on vacation with relatives and friends
  • Evaluate other care options suitable for your needs
  • Concentrate on spending time with your loved ones without worrying about their care needs

Asking for our help doesn’t mean that you are giving up on your loved one. Instead, it means that you are providing yourself with the opportunity to rest and stay healthy so that you can continue caring for them in the long run. Schedule an Assessment at your convenience or contact us at 973-565-1222.